TotePonics - PIPE & FITTINGS KIT - For Toteponics system build.

Pipe and Fittings kit for the TotePonics (IBC) build.
Complete pipe and fittings kit including ready made Auto Siphons.

This pipe and fittings kit is complete.
If you are following our plans to build the DIY TotePonics system then this pipe and fittings kit is for you.

All the pipe and fittings needed are included in the kit.  The kit also includes 3 x Auto Siphons that are complete ready to fit to your Tote (IBC) grow beds. The kit even includes the adhesive to join the pipe and fittings.
This will save you time in going from hardware store to hardware store getting all the parts and then having to go back again because you forgot something.
We have done all the footwork and have it all together for you to make your DIY system build as worry free as possible.

We pipe and fittings kit comes in one large carton that can be posted to you world wide.

This pipe and fittings kit does NOT include the pump and aerator.