TotePonics Complete Kit - The ultimate recyclers Aquaponics kit.

Aquaponics Kit made from Tote Tanks (IBC's)

This is the ultimate recyclers home Aquaponics Kit.
You want to use recycled materials but do not have the time to do it all yourself. 

This TOTE / IBC Recylers kit is the ideal economy way to get into Aquaponics with a kit that has good production capacity but does not cost the earth to buy.
This kit is pre cut, painted and drilled to save you doing all that work, and is ready to assemble.  Two handy people can assemble and have this kit working in an afternoon.

You get the three grow beds, sump, fish tank (now including wooden cover), pump, aerator, test kit, pipe and fittings kit, fish food, assembly instructions
All you have to supply is the concrete blocks and timber supports for the grow beds.  You will need aquire12 concrete blocks and 4 x 2400mm x 20mm x 50mm treated pine or hardwood sleepers for the grow bed supports. You will need 1.5 cubic M of 19 mm gravel as the grow media.

This kit has 3 sqm of growing area which is almost double that of our Premium 3 bed balcony kit. 

We have made the grow beds and sump and fish tank from good quality recycled IBC containers that have a prior use of transporting non harmful products.
All the pipe, fittings, pump are brand new.


Grow bed , fish tank layout.  Pipe and fittings are provided assuming this layout.

Follow the assembly instructions provided with the kit and you will be up and running in no time.

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